ADopting Process

to Step 1:

Start by contacting us! We like to get to know you and your family! We want to know if the puppy will be a family pet, emotional support animal, or even a service dog. We will have a phone conversation to fill out your puppy application!

*Application does not guarantee that you will be approved.

Step 2:

Wait to hear from us, if you have been approved congratulations you are now one step closer to meeting your new best friend!

Step 3:

Once approved we need to add you to our waitlist. To secure your position on our waitlist we require a $500 non refundable but transferable reservation fee. We accept Apple Pay and Venmo payments.

Step 4:

The best things in life come to those who wait! Puppy picking happens when puppies are 6 weeks of age! Picking is done in order of deposits. By waiting until 6 weeks, it enables us to have a better understanding of the puppies temperament and coat type. This is best for everyone as we can better place the perfect puppy with the perfect forever family. We breed for temperament first, this means the prettiest puppy may not always be the right fit. Keep this in mind when you go to choose your new family member!