Our puppies will have a head start in life. By the time they go home with you they will be introduced to potty training, crate training, other animals, kids, and a wide variety of people. We strive to breed generations were shedding is low and they are often allergy friendly. Our puppies are great family pets who love the water, long walks, and are faithful companions. They are great with kids and easy to train. This hybrid brings together companion minded breeds, who are driven to seek your approval, and want to be apart of your family!

Our priorities are Health and Temperament! Providing good health and a stable temperament is what sets our puppies up for success. They are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age; the time before that is crucial for their ability to develop. Puppies learn “how to puppy” from their mom and littermates. This is another way we are setting our puppies up for success by making sure they have enough time to grow with their littermates and mom!

Current Litters

Roxy and Liam Mini/Medium Australian Mountain Doodles

Liam bernedoodle

Roxy and Liam

Multigen Mini/Medium Australian Mountain Doodles

Expected size: 35-45 pounds

Expected Fall 2022

*Both parents are completely health tested*

*Both parents have OFAs on hips and elbows*

What we Do

We have all of our puppies dewormed weekly, they receive a neopar vaccine at 4 weeks old and their first DHPP vaccine through our veterinarian at 6 weeks old. They will have a full exam at this time as well. When you finally pick your puppy up, we will provide records of shots and everything we have done with them. They also come with a puppy starter bag with a sample of the food they are currently eating, a chew toy, soft toy, and a blanket with their mothers scent. We do require all puppies to be spayed/nuetered before the age of 1 year old and failure to do so is a breach of contract. We require a record from a licensed vet to be sent to us before the age of 1 year old. Our puppies are pets and we want to ensure that they go to loving pet homes where they are the center of attention!

How is my puppy raised?

Our puppies are raised in our home, and receive the best care from the time they are born until the time they go to their new homes. Our puppies are raised in whelping boxes, often placed right in our own bedroom, made with high-grade, animal-safe HDPE plastic. We do not keep them in kennels, but let them play and explore in the large, fenced-in yard. They are littered trained starting at 3 weeks old, and once they are old enough they are taught to use the doggy door to go outside to potty. This gives our puppies a head start on house training. We also crate train and desensitize using puppy culture. These puppies are well socialized with other animals as well as different people and kids. We strive to give our puppies a head start in life so they can make the perfect addition to any family!